the books

This is the 4th book of crap collected from this blog.  I call it (it says this right on the back cover),

"An effing intimate, effing special, effing unique, effing personal and effing affordable collection."

And it's priced at $8.99.

This one comes after the first three annual collections and is more of a greatest hits collection because posts span the entire period that the blog existed.  These are not the "greatest hits" in that they are the best, but because they were easy to put together without too much editing.  In this case "greatest" means "a variety of library-related posts that were easy to edit together."  Other than that and a brief intro, there is no new content.  Unlike with the overpriced annuals which include commentary and extensive footnoting.

So the other books are outrageously overpriced at $1,000, $1,000 and $2,999.99 because... well, I just dare anyone to buy one.  But this last one is priced for you to buy.
This next year will be tough and I'll be busy and I may need to cut way back on blogging (added note: as you can see, since I killed the blog).  And I just wanted all this shit saved some way.

Perfunctorily, Me, by the.effing.librarian.  Cover photo by someone who wants nothing to do with the book, but let me use the picture anyway.  The book is "dedicated to librarian lovers everywhere."  So if you don't buy one, you must hate librarians.

You can still read and download Fame and Fortune and other F words, METAL ASS, and LIBRARIANSHIP: this time it's personal from Scribd totally for free.  But if you buy them, wow, I will feel just terrible for you.